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Forum Rocket German German Feedback and Comments megagerman megaverbs: if has leading/trailing spaces breaks

megagerman megaverbs: if has leading/trailing spaces breaks



This is a useful game - but it very unforgiving :o for example if you type in a leading space or a trailing space then it dismisses the answer as false! And it gets worse. Try this: begin by answering with a leading space - the answer is (as I just said) rejected. Now backspace through the incorrect answer and remove the leading space .. result? it is still rejected! And even worse than that if you retype the whole answer correctly it is (on this 3rd attempt) sometimes rejected (why it is only sometimes on the 3rd attempt i don't know) Well you could just say "it was never expected to handle leading/trailing spaces" but why not? and what is going on that if I remove the leading space it still rejects the answer?. One for the programmer(s) I suppose.


Hi Gary, with the way the game works you have to make absolutley sure that you have the exact spelling and of course the right words. If you are unsure what the right answers is, please have a look in the "50 common verbs" section here on the forum. You will find the exact answers for the MegaVerbs game in there. I will ask our development team if there is anything we can do to make the game more "forgiving". I hope you still enjoy the game. :D

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