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Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away......... Oops, wrong story!! I started this because I really want to move back to Frankfurt. I miss Germany a lot and I miss my family. I've lived in different parts of the world but spent the majority of the last 23 years in Kent. Back in 2001 I lived in Frankfurt for about a year. My goal was to start a good life there, learn German and make a lot of friends. Unfortunately, all my family there speak English as well as they speak German and the company I ended up working for was 90% Turkish people. And the vicious circle started. I didn't learn German very fast and was not as confident then as I am now so I didn't make many friends ended up very lonely and convinced myself I was missing my great life back in England. It took me about 5 minutes once back to realise I had made a bad decision but hey, never regret your past, it is what made you. Now though, both my parents have retired to a house about an hour outside Frankfurt, my brother got married and moved to Berlin and my sister and I are left in England. I don't have any friends in my area and am no longer tied here by anything other then my job but the company I work for is changing and I am no longer happy in it so I think the universe is trying to tell me something. I want to improve my German as quick as I can. I am also about to start a Teach English as a Foreign Language course so I can get back to Frankfurt as quick as possible. I already have many friends there and I miss them all so I want to move back and live happily ever after!! The End

Hallo Drachenherz, bist du wieder in Frankfurt?

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