New changes in the rocket German.

David K

Hi Jahsouley.  I notice that no  one has responded to your question in eight months.  If you are still have troubles I have two ideas that may help.

Check in control panel to see if your microphone is turned on.  For the Rocket German recording function to work you need to give RG permission to use your microphone on an ongoing basis. You can change this once you are finished if security is your concern.  But then you must remember to turn it back on again each time you use it.  I just set my on permanent permission.

Secondly, the auto-end detector on the record function is hyper-sensitive to background noise.  So if you have a TV, or fan going in the background is will continue recording for an excessively long time before terminating.  Trying to click on something to end it does not work, and often if you click on Reveal you will loose you recording.  You just have to wait.

I've suggested they add a manual override button, and their development is aware of it.

If you comment get lost in the forum section, send them a note by the Contact Us function.  They usually respond to these within 24 to 48 hours and make quick corrections if they are able.


Why don't i get an answer so far according to the problems i still meet with the use of your new changes. I cannot work because of those changes. I sent a mail since at least ten days and am waiting for an answer that does not come yet.
The main problems happen once i try to record my voice, that is why i cannot work properly for the voice must be recorded all along the lessons in any stage so this is why i stop working because of no means to resolve my problems.
Please do something to help.
I use chrome as browser with windows 7.
My PC is a hp 2000-425NR Notebook with an incorporated microphone, i use head set from time to time. Please react at once.  

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