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Hello Rocket German team,

I've started to go over the level 1 Dashboard with the new Interactive Audio Course and saw in Lesson 1.1 that there are 2 new descriptions of similar sentences.  'Du sprichst gutes Deutsch' is interpreted as 'You speak good German'.  'Du sprichst gut Spanisch' is interpreted as 'You speak Spanish well'.  Why is one 'gutes' and the other 'gut'?  Also the english results are answered differently to the identical questions, (except for the words deutsch/spanisch).


Guten Tag Suzanne-R,

Thank you for this question!

"Du sprichst gut Spanisch." - "You speak Spanish well."
In this phrase "gut" is an adverb. Adverbs describe or modify verbs - "sprichst" in this case. Adverbs also don't get declined which means their form doesn't change. 

"Du sprichst gutes Deutsch." -  "You speak good German."
In this phrase "gutes" is an adjective. Adjectives describe or modify nouns, so in this case "gutes" is describing the word "Deutsch". Adjective forms change depending on the nature of the article (if present), number, gender and case of the noun they modify.

Viele Grüße,


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