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Picture of Hohenschwangau Castle in Lesson 14.2?



Guten Tag,

I've been enjoying your German lessons for a long while.

In the Lesson 14.2 called Lieblingsessen there is a picture about half way down labeled Hohenschwangau Castle.  After looking at it I thought it looked similar to Neuschwanstein Castle (which I've had the pleasure of visiting).  

It looks more like Neuschwanstein Castle, so I think the labelling is wrong?  






Guten Tag Suzanne-R,


You are absolutely right, the pictures is indeed of Neuschwanstein Castle and not Hohenschwangau Castle. Both castles are located fairly close to each other. Thank you for letting us know about this and our apologies for the error. I will pass this on to our German team.


Vielen Dank, 




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