Forum Rocket German German Feedback and Comments Please complete adding number and informal formal prompts for section 7.7 to 7.9 in Flashcards

Please complete adding number and informal formal prompts for section 7.7 to 7.9 in Flashcards

David K

Sometimes in the Flashcards with 'You" phrases the singular vs. plural, formal informal clues are given but usually they are not especially in sections 7.7 through 7.9 where the learning curve seems to escalate dramatically.
I grade myself on a strict curve and have really bogged down here as I'm having to memorize the specific card, with a lot of new things that have been added in. 

It would be very helpful for later student if you completed adding these cues. And perhaps, evened out that number of new elements like "noch" with time elements, Odd uses of Sie in what appear to be accusative cases, thrown in here in these sections.

I can usually finish a module in three days and have been stuck on Module 7 now for what seems like weeks.

Thanks, I feel better now.  :-)

David K

Oh another "extra" unexplained thing introduced here is the additional of "gerne" to Ich mochten phrases in what seems to be an arbitrary pattern.  So this is yet another card specific memorization challenge in a section that has 80 plus flashcards.

David K

An error in 7.9 Flashcards:

like / he would like

Shouldn't the be "he likes /he would like"

David K

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7.9 Helpful Action Words - Part 3
7.9 Helpful Action Words - Part 3
I'm guessing now that "gerne" is not tossed in these three sentences on an arbitrary basis but added because in a personal situation is seems more friendly to add an extra "pleasure" in here, and the "Would like" conveyed by Mochten along may be impersonal like I'd would like to have a coffee and invite you to lunch?
I would like to get to know you.Ich möchte dich gerne kennen lernen.
We would like to invite you.Wir möchten Sie gerne einladen.
I would like to get to know him.Ich möchte ihn gerne kennen lernen.

I'm down to eight problem flashcards in this section but have to plow through 52 I already know just to review them.  At 60, some of these sentence may take me four or five times before i figure out why gerne is "arbitrarily" added to some Mochten sentences and not others. So 5 time 60 is 300 flips to do these last 8 sentences.

It would really be a highly useful addition if your development team could add a customization feature to the Flashcards that allowed us to focus only on the cards we are still having problems with.

The three most obvious ways to o this would be:

1) to add a button that if clicked played back only the cards still not in the "Easy" column. 
2) Have a special sort that could automatically make a new flashcard list out of all the cards in  a particularly column the 9 sections of a module, or even all of modules and playback just them. i.e. Focus now all all flashcards marked "hard."
3) All customized Flashcard lists, in the same way we can add words to the vocabulary lists. I notice the Vocab additions do not work in Flashcards so you could let the same function add Flashcards to a customized list.

I've found now it is actually easier for me to retype these sentences into the $2.00 Iphone Flashcard App to work on them, which is annoying when I've paid many time that for a premium software. (That is otherwise excellent in many ways.) I'm mostly just trying to be helpful to suggest improvements.

Probably with just  a half a dozen more comments I will get my frustrations with sections 7.7 to 7.9 out of my system.  lol

David K

I don't know why all that profile junk showed up in my previous comment. Please add that to my "frustration lists."  "-)

David K

Well, I finally finished module 7 and just past the test for the entire Premium Level 1 so I am in a much better mood.  Sorry for complaining so much above. It seemed like a hit a wall their in the second half of module 7 but now feel like a better person for the experience.  ;-)


Ich denke, dass ich jetzt die Premium- Kurs abgeschlossen haben , sollte ich meinen Kommentar in Deutsch gestellt . (Mit ein wenig Hilfe von Google Translate . Nun, ich endlich fertig Modul 7 und kurz nach dem Test für das gesamte Premium-Level- 1 , damit ich in einer viel besseren Stimmung bin . Es tut uns so viel über beschweren. Es schien wie ein Schlag eine Wand ihre in der zweiten Hälfte des Moduls 7, aber jetzt wie eine bessere Person für die Erfahrung fühlen.


I would second the original comment. Throughout a lot of the flashcards (and some of the lessons) it isn't always clear whether the formal/informal, plural/singular is required. 


Yes, the "formal/informal, plural/singular" problem exists throughout the levels. They should always indicate which is required.

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