Printing All Lessons



Is there a way to print out all the lessons at once? Or download a single PDF of them all?




Hello Cherie,

I think Rocket Languages does not offer a one-click download or even a page where you can get all lessons links, but we can imagine that they will respond if it exists and I am not aware.

A quick search for "PDF" seems to make me think it could be useful since there are a lot of these requests by other students. I have a simple solution for the download that I will run by the support team before I post it (little security risk for their intellectual property I feel obliged to address with them first).

In the mean time, it doesn't take too long to just click the links and download the material. Combining multiple PDFs into one is pretty easy on a Mac, but if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can just display the PDFs there without printing them if you are taking a weekend trip.


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