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Nathalie I have tried to send you a PM twice now without success, although I press submit, it just sits in my outbox, are there problems with this part of the website? Incidently I sent the message as a PM because it seems that the forums aren't being responded to very quickly. The message was as follows ______________________________________ Nathalie Do you have a price yet for the 'More Rocket German' course. Also when you have time could you have a look at my question in the grammar section of the forum under ' when do you use mich and when mir' Regards Ken.

Hi Ken, I received both messages from you and have just replied to one of them (they were both the same). I think they are stored in your outbox for your reference. Please let me know if you received my reply. Please have a look at your grammar question as well and let me know if you need more explanations. Thank you! :D

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