Pronouns in lesson 9.1


In lesson 9.1, the pronoun used for 'der Film' is 'es' (e.g.- "Nein, es war wirklich nicht lustig" and "War es ein guter Film?"). Since it is a masculine noun, shouldn't the pronoun be 'er'?


You would think so, wouldn't you?  I've noticed and reported several inconsistencies like that with pronouns not matching the noun they refer to.  I don't think i've ever got an answer that I understand.  Hopefully, our German expert, Paul, can weigh in.


I think that there are a fair number of errors of varying degrees of seriousness throughout the RG course. I started with a fair amount of German so I could spot them quite easily through the whole of Level I. I'm now halfway through Level 2 and mostly outside of my comfort zone so mistakes are not quite so easy to spot anymore.

The whole thing has become more complicated since the switchover to the new format and I'm no longer sure what the best way to get mistakes rectified is. Sometimes when I report things through the contact section or the feedback facility in the tests I get a nice confirmation email but other times I hear nothing. Quite often mistakes are neither explained or put right so they remain there to trip up the unwary. It's a shame really as it would be nice to be able to leave each RG course just a little better.   


Hi Fred,

You are correct in your evaluation.  I started the course several years ago and like you had some college German.  I discovered and reported a couple of hundred minor errors, but a few serious ones as well.  I had good luck with using the option in the lessons for reporting errors or corrections.  Since I started the course, Rocket has added many features to their credit, but at the expense of accuracy and thoroughness and often timely response to issues.  I expect the staff is very capable, but somewhat understaffed for the volume of users and code they have to support.  In some cases they probably use interns or people somewhat proficient in other languages, but not totally fluent.  It used to be a native speaker would respond to a comment or question within a week or so.  We don't see so much of that anymore.

I still find errors, but I've stopped reporting them.  If I have a question, I can generally find the answer by searching a grammar reference either hard copy or on-line.

David K

Hi Bryon and Fred.  I've had the same experience. I just report a case were letters from one word were transposed to the next.  And a pronounce left off one of the Flashcards.

I've had a good experience with the response from the Rocket Team. Right at the beginning my Module 3 and later tests had faulty Quiz section which awarded no points even for perfect responses. This was after it worked fine the weeks before in Module 1 and 2.  So I think it was one of those errors introduced when entering some other improvement.

I believe strongly in continuous improvement, feedback, and total quality so I always encourage people to report all errors no matter how trivial.  It has side benefits of building users community, and is a handy way to keep daily point totals up on days when the main exercises get tedious. LOL  I'm just 1,000 points from being a 3 Star Gold Master!  I know these little badges and points are silly beyond description, however, I find that they work.  As soon as someone starts to count anything my motivation kicks into high gear.

In fact, one of the improvements I'm saving for a time when the main lessons bog down again is to add time counters like many other companies have.  And plots of average point/time.  :-)

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