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Rocket German Update + Future?



Hallo, I am new here, just purchased Rocket German over thanksgiving. First of all, I want to say this is a great program to learn and I am very happy to have ended up purchasing this product (I kept my eye on it for a long time before finally buying it), so thanks to Paul and everyone else. Secondly, I have noticed the new update, which has just arrived only an hour or two ago. I am happy to see that this product is continuously bettered for me, the consumer; so again thank you. Finally, my true question remains, will we ever see an i-Phone app, or a mobile version that will allow us to listen from our phones? I know it is possible to download all of the audio and transfer them to our smart phones, but I enjoy seeing all of the transcripts as well as the community updates. Cheers, Schweinsteiger


Hi Schweinsteiger7 You should be able to use the site on your phone, please contact support [at] if you have any issues. bruce

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