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I figured out how to add new words in the Rocket German Megavocab game. But when I need to type in the German word there doesn't seem to be a way to type in the German characters so that it is an accurate German spelling. Is there a way to type in the German characters with umlauts etc... ?

Hi there, there are two options on how to write umlauts and special characters without a German keyboard. 1. If you have a standard keyboard with number keys to the right of the letter keys than you can use shortcuts using the "alt" key. These shortcuts don't work with the number keys that are above the letter keys. Simply hold down the "alt" key and enter a number code for each umlaut. The codes are: alt + 0228 = ä alt + 0246 = ö alt + 0252 = ü And also just in case here is the ß: alt + 0223 = ß 2. If you use a PC go to "Start" and select "All Programs", choose "Accessories" and then "System tools". In there you can find the character map that you can use to copy and paste any special characters. All the best for your German learning.

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