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Rocket Reinforcement Navigation Problem



I just started the course and am in the Rocket Reinforcement section. Except for the quiz, each exercise shows 0/11 in the top right-hand corner which I'm assuming means there are 11 phrases. The quiz shows 0/5, and I was able to advance to each question by clicking "Next". The other exercises don't seem to have a way to advance to the next phrase. What am I doing wrong?
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi irishcon1, 

After you start a reinforcement section you should see the option to rate the word/phrase as easy, good or hard. If for some reason you don't see the option to rate it, you can click on Reveal. Please also note that you have to click on the word (easy, good or hard) and not on the drop-down arrow. Once the word/phrase is rated, the next should appear automatically. 

We also have some hotkeys that makes the rating process a bit smoother:

P = Play tutor audio
R = Record yourself
Enter = Reveals phrase
1 = rate as Hard
2 = rate as Good
3 = rate as Easy


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