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Hey everyone! I'm new to here and to the german language even though I've been studying it off and on for the last two years. After trying pretty much everything (pimsleur, rapid german, books, rosetta, etc.) I finally came across this great website! I'm learning so much faster than I usually do and retain what I learned more than I ever had. I think what is great about the lessons are they are fun to listen to. I like how you guys thrown in some humor every once in a while. No one else does that. And since I'm a goofball and constantly joke around, haha, I'm loving how the lessons are presented. So, my reason to finally being fluent in the german language is because my fiance is Austrian and we're moving there next summer. And I don't want to be a dork when I try to get a job and can't even communicate during the interview. So I have less than a year to be able to "survive" using the german language. Thanks Rocket German! Wish me luck! :)


Viel Glück mein bruder!

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