Search function not working


No matter what I enter in the search bar it returns a blank! Why?


Do you mean the forum search, or the general search on the main menu next to your account name?

They both seem to work OK for me using Chrome and a Windows 10 PC.
I just typed "Hallo" into both of the search methods and got plenty of results, so it is not a problem for everyone.

You should probably contact customer service, it would help to know your browser and operating system. Apparently there are significant differences with the smartphone app.



I mean in the main menu next to my account name. Very strange, I do not use Chrome but it DOES work with Chrome. Using Firefox and Edge I just get no results at all.
Thank you for your quick feedback and a solution to this issue! Regards, Bill.


Glad you worked it out. You do need to use Chrome if you want everything to work, I thought it was only the rocket record function, but there seems to be more.
I tried search with Edge and got no results as well so it is a general issue.
I think it is still worth contacting customer support, there may be something they can do/fix.

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