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Suggestion for Correction or Improvement to Table in Lession 10.8

David K

Rocket Quality Control Team,

In the table of "Adjectives with indefinite articles (ein, eine) or kein," in the Nominative Singular Masculine frame of the Matrix,  'RotWein' has been contracted to one word which therefore contains no adjective or adjective ending.  I believe the intent of the original writers was to leave this as two words with the illustrative "er" ending for adjective rot, which if I remember the rule from 43 years ago in High School means it should read "roter Wein."  And should rote then not be capitalized as now it is an adjective as the Matrix requires and not a noun.  As is no stands, there is no illustrative ending for the nominative, singular, masculine case.  There may be examples later showing  this as and "e" however, the rule I remember suggests it should be "er" in the case of a weak, Ein, indefinite articles the indefinite article adjectives become strong?  We should check with on of your experts I think.
                                                       Masculine                              Feminine                      Neuter
Nominative                             Ein Rotwein                     eine gute Wurst            ein altes Haus

Should this instead be:

Nominative                            ein roter wein                eine gute Wurst            ein altes Haus

This may have been "corrected" incorrectly by a final post edit spelling check. 

BTW this is question.




David K

BTW, Sections 10.7 and 10.8 on adjective endings rank amount the most important topic for extensive student practice.  Not being clear on these after three years of German classes in High School, was one of my primary motivations for buying this course. 

So having only 10 examples in Section 10.7 and 21 in Section 10.8 seems disproportionate when towards the end of Level 1 there were sections on less important topics containing 60 plus practice examples. 

Now the good news is I seem to have picked up a lot of it tangentially from other lessons.

In the event you ever do a new version, or update, to these course, you might also consider whether this section should be in the Level 1 course, with it included again as a review in Level 2 in case some students buy only the Level 2 course.



marieg-rocket languages

Hi David, 

As always we appreciate your input on this and I have forwarded the message to our language experts for their review.


David K

Thank Marie, but now I am embarrassed because I see now re-reading my note that in my suggestion for what the line should read I ignored my own suggestion about not capitalizing adjectives but capitalizing noun, as I was focusing my concentration on the form of the ending. 

The suggestion you should pass on to your development team should actually be:

Nominative               Ein roter Wein                eine gute Wurst            ein altes Haus

Good thing I suggested we run the idea past an expert which I now proven I am not.  Sorry.

PS And please let the development team know again that the reason I am sending in so many suggestions is that I am so excited about how wonderful this course it.  I've learned more about German in the last 45 days with Rocket German than all my previous efforts combined.  Or maybe it is just the perfect tool for practicing and integrating all my previous studies.

So, I know I may be driving them to distraction with every slightest detail of possible improvements and they have many more important things to work on, however, when I find something I really like I find it hard not to become a perfectionist.

I don't actually expect them to do any of my suggestions, but I would feel like I was letting the whole collective learning team present and future, down, if I didn't at least try to pass on my perspective for their consideration. 




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