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I am a mechanical technician for a chocolate company and quite a bit of our company's manufacturing equipment comes from Germany. In 2005 I traveled to Germany to train at an equipment manufacturer’s facility. I neither enjoyed nor learned as much as I would have had I known the language. Since then I have worked with their technicians on occasion when they were at our plant. I will be involved to a much higher degree from now on and will be traveling to Germany again in January of 2009. I found Rocket German on the internet and realized with the use of the free 6 day course that I can and will be able to learn German. I am studying hard to learn as much as I can in the few weeks I have before the next trip.

Hi there, that sounds really interesting :D Working for a chocolate company sounds like fun. If you need to know any very specific technical vocab just drop us a line on the forum. :D

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