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Forum Rocket German German Feedback and Comments The difference between "geben" and "schenken&

The difference between "geben" and "schenken&



Hi Nathalie, I was chking out the verbs and I was wandering what the difference is between "geben" and "schenken"? It says that they are both "to give". Plus ... I noticed in the future for "geben" it's the same as the prefect. This isn't correct is it or am I missing something? Thanks.........Tom


Hi Tom, thank you for your message. I would recommend that you have a look at grammar lesson 5.3 (its called "To give or not to give"). The whole grammar lesson is dealing with the difference of "geben" and "schenken". The perfect and the future of "geben" use different forms, just like the other verbs. The future is "Ich werde geben" (I will give) and the perfect is "Ich habe gegeben" (I gave). I hope that helps. You could also try using the MegaVerb game to test yourself on different verb forms. Have fun! :D Nathalie


schenken is something you would give but not expect to get Syphilis. It's the easiest way for me to remember it;)

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