The power of review


Not a question, just a comment for what it is worth. I'm finding that going back and reviewing lessons for even the 3rd or 4th time can be very beneficial. Of course, it gets quicker everytime you do it, and it helps in many ways: retaining vocabulary, getting comfortable with structure, and tuning your ear to the language. I remember being quite frustrated at the rapidity of the speech, especially Sandra's, when I first took Premium Plus. Now, after a couple of reviews, it is beginning to sound quite natural and I can repeat it back at the same rate.


I very much agree, Byron, about how necessary it is to go back and review after some time has passed. It helps so much to encourage that when the Rocket German people add features. When they added "Write It", I went back and re-did all previous lessons that I had already completed. Now, they've added "Play It" and I will happily go back over them all again ... kind of like re-visiting old friends!


I can understand where both of you are coming from. It is quite beneficial. I did the Rocket Spanish  (trial version only) about four years ago and went back and had a look again. I was a lot better the second time around

David K

I agree about the review.  Just out of curiosity, what do these K1 and K21 suffixes mean on your UIDs?


They don't mean anything, at least not in my case.  Basically, a typo in creating or editing my UID.

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