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Using the Search option to look up separable verbs



I would like to provide some constructive criticism regarding the Search option as it pertains to separable verbs in German. 

In lesson 21.5, we are presented with the noun “das Anschließen”. I recalled that I encountered this nominalised verb in a previous lesson as a transitive verb, but was unable to find it in the Search option using “anschließen”, but rather as “schließen”, as this separable verb appeared in Lesson 21.1 as follows: “Schließen Sie bloß das blaue Netzwerkkabel an.”

I recommend that this be corrected in order to locate this verb by its infinitive form (anschließen) instead of a portion of the separable verb (schließen), which has a different meaning. 

Beyond this specific example, it would be advisable to check whether this case occurs with other separable verbs presented in the course.



Hallo PaulS108!


Thanks very much for getting in touch with this suggestion! I'll pass this on for our development team to look into.





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