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Hallo . 

I really find 'Flash Cards' a good way of testing how much I can remember the German vocabulary and grammer . I typically don't do them along with the lesson , but later on, to test how much I remember after a long gap . 
I wish you could add more tools for students to test their knowledge other than 'rocket reinforcement' .
Any thoughts ? Some thing like :- 'Create new sentences using existing learn't vocabulary' or 'translate the given new sentences in German'. 

Vielen Danke!
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Hallo Vidya-manuS,

Thanks very much for getting in touch with us with these suggestions! I will pass them on to the development team.

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I am new to Rocket German and have done some lessons and I am finding it very good so far. The language is sticking in my mind well thanks to the style in which Rocket German teaches you and the reinforcement activities. I wasn't sure where to post this, so hopefully it is okay to post here, but in the Advance Learning section, specifically technique 11 - 'Want to Learn German the Write Way?' there was a little optional task given to write a small paragraph about your best friend. I really really enjoyed this and thought it tested what I know so far and I was wondering if it would be possible to have more of these? If maybe we could have some little optional writing tasks made for people (like myself) to do on the side? I think that would be really great and help our minds think creatively in our new language. 

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Yes, I have found translating English into German very useful. The main problem is to get it corrected. You can use Google translate to translate your German back into English, but it is very fault tolerant so you can get away with big mistakes, but at least Google tells you if it can be understood. Or you can find German speakers to help in the iTalki forums which are free.
Then there is the Duden proof reader. It will check spelling and that things agree, but little else. It's free for short lengths of text.

You can find English texts at various levels on the British Council Website under both reading and listening.


Guten Tag Ecksafox und sfpugh,

Thank you very much for this great feedback! I will pass your suggestions on to the development team. 

Viele Grüße

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