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What did Paul say before the Rocket Review 6.4 The First Date



Hello Everybody, Can't quite make out a little word that doesn't show up in the lesson. No big deal, but if somebody (or Paul himself) happened to catch it, I would love to write it down. 6.4 The First Date The audio only appears in the lesson right before the rocket review at 14:18. "Es ist _ Zeit Spaß zu haben. - It's time to have some fun" Funny how those little words seem to be a jumble when you don't know how to build the phrases. :) (oh I think I got it: an der) An der appears first in a phrase in lesson 3.2 Hier geradeaus und an der nächsten Ampel links. Straight ahead here and left at the next traffic lights. Nik explains at 18:03 - However, the smallest word is the most interesting though. The word, "an" affects the words around it and in this case turns die Ampel into der Ampel. Try these words with Paul. Here is the declination for Zeit: die Zeit is accusative. der Zeit is dative or genitive, but I have not finished those lessons. I will come back here and update why once I have understood. Thank you, Jason p.s. Sure would be nice to be able to buy the transcripts with these lessons. I know Pimsleur doesn't do it, but the idea is that Rocket Languages is better than Pimsleur.


"An" is a preposition so the noun that follows it is the object of a preposition, which normally requires the datve case, but certain prepositions are always accusitive. There are some that can be either accusitive or or dative depending on usage in the sentence. The lessons, as I recall, list some of them, but if you go on-line you can get a complete list. German grammar is crazy complicated in my opinion. I don't see much logic to most of it.


I have a book by Monika Reimann called Essential Grammar of German by Hueber (ISBN 978-3-19-201575-5). It comes with a CD with interactive practice material and follows the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning. It seems to work okay with Rocket Languages.

In this case, on page 162-163, they list an + acc:
Ich fahre ans Mittelmeer.
Ich gehe an den/zum Strand.
They also list some dative examples and explain when to use them on pages 166, 168 and 169.

To organize this information, I am noticing that I can add images (I can take pictures of grammar topics in my book) and add them as "mems" on So, we can take a phrase like this one and I can include the grammar topic as a picture to help me organize my thinking when I see a phrase.

I posted this idea elsewhere here in the forums as I see Rocket Languages struggling to provide an iOS platform and memrise already provides the platform and a mechanism to learn faster. I would certainly like to be able to share and collaborate. However, without a managed system provided by Rocket Languages on the memrise platform, I can't really share any material I create because I don't have a license for the material. It's only good for my self study.


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