What's wrong with saved vocab?



According to the header, saved vocab is supposed to allow you to search the whole course for words and phrases.

In the past it was always possible to do this and it was a useful feature.

At the moment it seems that you can only search for words that you have saved, is this intentional?




Hallo sfpugh!


Thank you for your question! 

It seems as though the description for the Saved Vocab tool is a little out of date - our apologies for this! We'll get that updated. 

The Saved Vocab page is a little different from the old My Vocab one in that you can only see and search for vocabulary that you have saved to your Saved Vocab here. However, that doesn't mean that you can no longer look up words and phrases from anywhere the course - that functionality is now included in the “Search” tool, which is located at the top right of every page. 

The benefit of this change is that the Search function is always easily accessible, no matter what page you have open, and when you search for a word or phrase you can see not only audio phrase results, but also any lesson content and forum results that may be relevant/useful.

I hope that this is helpful! Do let me know if you have any more questions or any additional feedback for us.






Thank you, I guess that is  a better solution.

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