Why aren't users chatting?

The only thing I dislike about this program is that users don't communicate. I thought this forum was a place to try-out the German you have learned. Is there a place I am not looking at? What I mean is there is no open communication. I am happy with all my responses from Nathalie, but I always see multiple guests, registered user, online, but no one is trying to speak with each other. I have never been in a chat-room before, but Rocket German has inspired me to try. Doesn't anyone want to test their newly acquired skills?, however little or great they may be? If there is somewhere I can go to do this, can someone please let me know? I think Rocket German should create something to enable this. I hope this doesn't come off negative, I am a little frustrated not angry. :?

Hi there, the topic "Alles auf Deutsch" was intended to be used as a "chat room" for everyone to try their new skills. I'm not sure why, but it seems that some useres are perhaps a bit shy? I'm happy to practice German with you, just let me know when and we can meet in the "Alles auf Deutsch- chat room".

Thanks Nathalie, I know I can count on you. :) My courage and ability to speak German to the people I have around me who speak German has improved vastly and I'm actually getting it right! Vielen Dank Rocket German! Bis bald, Tschüss :D -Cooper-

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