Why I Joined


Well, I live here in Germany! My husband is serving the US forces here and I found myself three months ago, quite unexpectedly, in beautiful Bavaria. So, I am very anxious to make friends and begin my new life here. So many of the Americans never learn the language, but I've been paying close attention to those who do, and following their example. This will be my third language, and I like the daily fluency that the program presents. I'm finding that people are really saying what I'm hearing on the tapes. Thank you!


Grüss Gott! That is great to hear. Bavaria is really beautiful, I love the mountains. Where exactly are you in Bavaria? Maybe you get a chance to go to Garmisch Patenkirchen, which is in the south/east corner of Germany. It's gorgeous! Paul


Cool! Man, I live in the US

David K

Viel Glück. Vielen Dank für Sie und Ihr Mann dienen unserem Land.


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