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Words and phrases for chatting with kids



Hallo alle zusammen! I have purchased the Rocket German package mid of this month and I joined the forum some days ago. I had a quick view on the Audio lessons in order to see what we are about to learn and being able to talk by the end of the course. It looks all fine but, as I have a little boy of one and half years now, I had an idea and I thought to mention this to the German team just in case they can help. Is it possible to give us some words/phrases that we could use when talking with kids? I don´t doubt that with the course we´ll be able to talk with the people around but I believe that with kids we always use another kind of language. I will be pleased to hear from you on this request. Gute Nacht! Paulina

Hi Paulina, thank you for your comment. This is certainly a good idea and I will pass it on to the German development team. Please let me know if there are any phrases in particular that you would like to know. I'll be more than happy to translate them for you. :D

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