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koennen Sie mier helfen zu diese woerter verstehen, bitte? (a) "...Nun bilde ich mir ein, dass auch aus Funken..." (Now a picture do I have that was sent out?) und (b) "... Ein Feuer werden kann..." (A fire will come?) Ich nicht verstehen (ich mir ein) und (werden kann) Nur einmal ding. bitte, was bedeutet ".... (Reben begrenzt) Ich kann es nicht finden das in mein Woerterbuch. Alles ist von zwei lied. Bis dann, Donald

Hallo, das ist wirklich nicht ganz einfach. "Nun bilde ich mir ein, dass auch aus Funken ein Feuer werden kann..." The problem is that there are a lot of German verbs that get split when used in a sentence. "einbilden" is one of them. "Einbilden" means "to imagine" or "to believe". Don't confuse it with the adjective "eingebildet" which means "arrogant". "Nun bilde ich mir ein, dass auch aus Funken ein Feuer werden kann..." = I believe that even little sparks can light a fire (or a very direct translation would be: Well, I imagine to myself that also a spark can become a fire) "werden kann" = can become "ich bilde mir ein" = I think, I imagine, I believe, I think to myself "Funken" is also used as a verb and it means "to send" (it is only used when talking about radios, not when you send an actual letter) Here it is "ein Funken" - a spark. "das Bild" is the picture, here it is "einbilden" - to imagine. I'm not sure about "Reben begrenzt"... "begrenzt" means "limited". Are you sure about the spelling of "Reben"? Words that I can think of that sound similar or are spelled similar are: Regen - rain Geben - to give Reden - to talk Rebe - tendril/shoot (grapes) I hope that helps. Ich hoffe das hilft. What is the song called? Wie heisst das Lied? Von wem ist es? Who wrote the song?

ich danke, ich danke - Ich kann nicht in deutsch schriben das - so -- Your answer is of great help to me. So precise and informative. I understand what you meant when you said that "das ist wirklich nicht ganz einfach".The sentence which you translated makes very good sense to me now. The sentence structure is very interesting. Had I recognized that the word bilde was not a noun, I still would not have been able to associate this with the word "einbilden" vielen dank und das lied ist "ferne und einsamekeit la lantananza" jetzt ich verstehen alles. dieser worte "Reben begrenzt" ist von der lied "Heimat, deine Sterne" "Berge und Buchten, vom Nordlicht umglanzt, Golfe des Sudens von Reben begrenzt...." -- Mountain and bay, from sparkling northern lights, Gulf of Sudan,from (Reben begrenzt) I do not know the accuracy of the German text above nor of my translation as shown. I would suppose it relates to the word Rebe - tendril/shoot (grapes) which you had indicated as a possibility in your earlier post. Sanger bist Dirk Schiefen, Rainer Nitschke und Ulla Norden also instrumental by Hans-Guenther Bunz additionally was sung by Fred Bertelmann. Bis dann Donald das ist die (ente) oder (ende)

Hi again, ja, das macht jetzt Sinn. Because the lyrics are about nature the translation "Reben" - tendril makes sense. (the hills and bays are surrounded or enclosed by grapes) :D

vielen Dank

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