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17.5 why is "Du" capitalised



From 17.5
Hallo Matthias! Schön, dass Du Zeit für eine gemeinsame Mittagspause hast.
Hi Matthias! Nice that you have time for a common lunch break. (casual, singular)

Why is "Du" capitalised here? 
I put it through Duden's proof reader as "du" and it said something like if "du" is  a form of address in a letter it should be capitalised. Is this the same as capitalising "Sie" when addressing someone?

I can find other phrases in the course with "dass du" where "du "is not capitalised.


Guten Tag sfpugh, 

thanks for pointing that out. Correct, "Du" is used capitalised when writing a letter to someone. Say you are writing a Christmas card to somebody, you would capitalise the "Du". 

In the case of 17.5, it was actually capitalised incorrectly. I've now changed that in the course. 

Danke und liebe Grüße, 
Leah von Rocket Languages


OK, thanks, I wondered if it was a typo.

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