20.5 Bis zum Morgen grauen



“Bis zum Morgen grauen” is a funny phrase to demonstrate the preposition “bis” as Accusative, given that the ending on “zum” is clearly not Accusative. 

i know that “bis” is most often accompanied by another preposition ("bis zu", “bis auf”) or is used directly without articles or adjectives ("bis Montag"), but there are uses of “bis” that demonstrate its Accusative quality. 

Wouldn't something like “bis nächsten Montag” be a less confusing example?



Hallo gottahaveajava, 


Thank you for letting us know about this and our apologies for the confusion. You're right, “bis” is often followed by another preposition on which the case depends on. There is also a little explanation on this in Lesson 4.9 ‘Prepositions with the Accusative’ with the phrase “Bis zum Morgengrauen” if you would like to check it out.


We have deleted the phrase to avoid any confusion in the future.


Viele Grüße,



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