4.3 Is this a mistake?


How do you say "a table (m) for two" in German? 
 ein Tisch für zwei Personen
 eine Tisch für zwei Personen
 einer Tisch für zwei Personen
 einem Tisch für zwei Personen

In the lesson it is: "einen tisch fur zwei personen".  So, what's the correct answer?


Hi errant(etc),

It's   "einen Tisch für zwei Personen...",  because the table is the object of the sentence. (Ich möchte bitte einen Tisch...)
The grammatical term is the "accusative" case.

This is covered in more detail in one of the later units, 6.6 I believe. 



Hi there,

"ein Tisch für zwei Personen" is the standard nominativ case and the correct answer.   "einen Tisch für zwei Personen" is also correct as the accusative case but it's not included in the test.




Thankyou for the reply.

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