Forum Rocket German German Grammar "ab" and "nach"in this sentence

"ab" and "nach"in this sentence


An der großen Kreuzung biegen Sie dann nach rechts ab.

In this sentence, what does the "ab"mean? I don't think it is meant to split off

Oh by the way, while we're at it, what is "nach"there for as well? I know "nach"can mean "turn" but I thought "biegen"was there for that?

There are times when I think I'm getting the hang of this German stuff but then I have days where I think "man am I confused"


hi Grant,
Go to stackexchange, then I would like to see the result.  


Thanks for that Errant and I have gone and signed up there. I was hoping that I would find an answer on this forum though


Hi Grant,

I believe the verb abbiegen means to bend, or to turn off (as in turn off a path/road). It's separable, so the ab goes at the end of the clause. Not sure what the difference between this and biegen is - it might be intransitive (i.e. the road bends = die Straße biegt ab) while biegen on its own is transitive. 

I'm guessing though, so would appreciate Paul's input!


For some more info, here's a link (to one of Rocket's competitors, sorry!)


Thanks for info and both posts Peter.  I checked out the commentary on duolingo. It explains it well. Good stuff

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