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Accusative preposition = an/ans



I understand that “ans” is a contraction for “an das” which means you can write a sentence like “He goes to the Car” like “Er geht ans Auto”, as an alternative to “Er geht an das Auto”, which is practical when you apply the preposition “in” in the accusative case form.

1. Can you do something similar with “der – masculine”? e.g.
English: He goes to the bus
German: Er geht an den Bus -> What is the contraction here, if any?
2. Can you do something similar with “die – feminine”? e.g.
English: She goes to the box
German: Sie geht an die Kiste - > what is the contraction here, if any?
3. Any contraction for “plural form”?


Hi Lisa,

Maybe you have an answer to this question?  :-)


Hallo RexV,

My apologies that I missed this question earlier! 

Careful here: an + das contracting to ans is a standard contraction, so it shouldn't really be thought of as an alternative to an das; instead, it is the preferred form (unless, as we've said before, das is being emphasized for some reason).

There aren't any contractions between an and den or die, however, so none for the masculine, feminine or plural forms in the accusative.

Note that to say "He goes to the car," a more natural wording would be to use zu: Er geht zum Auto.

I hope that this was helpful! 



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