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in 10.8, there is an example sentence (Ein alter Mann fährt mit dem Rad) this is (1. indefinte) (2.singular) (3.masculine) (4.nominative) yet in the tutorial example there is no extra ending to ( Ein Rotwein ) so why is there a (er) at the end of (alter) when it should be plain (alt) ???


I think what is going on here is that Rocket has confused the matter greatly by using the example "Ein Rotwein..", here Rotwein is a masculine noun - no adjective! I don't know why they have done this, maybe Lucia can explain.  After all they did give the example "Der rote Wein", maybe it is just an error. If they had bee consistent it would have been "ein roter Wein".

"Der alte Mann" and "Ein alter Mann" look correct to me. Just an "e" with "der" and "er" with "ein".

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hello there,

Rotwein is indeed a masculine noun that translates "red wine", not an adjective (the same construction is used for "white wine", Weißwein). I changed it to ein roter Wein to make it consistent with the other examples!



Thanks Lucia, that makes it clearer.

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