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In 3.7 there is an example "Wer ruft mich?", shouldn't it be "Wer ruft mich an?" instead?
If not, then when do we drop the prefix of "Anrufen"?



I think that anrufen is specifically for the telephone but rufen is for other kinds of calling.


I believe sfpugh is correct.  From German with Jenny and checking Google translate, the prefix an is used when directing a call, typically a telephone call to someone.  Just calling out or shouting out wouldn't require the prefix.  However, in the example above, it may be a colloquial usage and not official high German.  Grammar rules, I'm discovering, are not always followed in everyday usage just as in English.  Check out rufen versus anrufen.  Close, but not exactly the same.


That is correct.  anrufen is for telephone conversations.


Hallo Yahya, 

vielen Dank für deine Frage. 
As sfpugh, Byron-K21 and RobertR34 have correctly explained, in German you distinguish between calling on the telephone - anrufen - and calling (as in calling someone's name) - rufen
One word in English - two different words in German. 

So the question "Wer ruft mich?" means (in context): "Someone just called my name. Who is calling me?"
The question "Wer ruft mich an?" means (in context): "My phone is ringing. Who is calling me?"

I hope my explanation makes the matter a bit clearer to you. 

Liebe Grüße, 


Thank You all the people for the explanation about Rufen and Anrufen.

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