Correct Pronoun?



Es ist ein großer schwarzer Koffer mit kleinen Rädern.
It's a large black suitcase with small wheels.

Why does this start with Es instead of Er to go with masculine Koffer?


Hallo 70Augsburg!

Excellent question! 

The reason why we use the neuter es here instead of the masculine er is because we're talking about an abstract thing. This sentence could serve as the answer to the question: "What is that on the floor?" We answer that es, that unknown thing on the floor, is a large black suitcase with small wheels.

Speaking more generally, es is a preliminary or dummy subject - we can use it whenever the identity of the subject is not known or not relevant. That is why we have phrases like Es regnet "It rains" or Es gibt Eis zum Nachtisch "There is ice cream for dessert."

I hope that this answers your question!

Viel Spaß!


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