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Corrections in Level 1, Lesson 7.7



To the Tutor/Administrator:
I just finished level 1, lesson 7.7: Das Perfekt. I was corrected by the instructional program in two instances, both of which I believe were in error.

"On September 28, 1975 we celebrated together."
My translation: "Am achtundzwanzigsten September..."
Corrected translation by the program: "Am achtundzwanzigste September..."
This example appears in the Action Relay section, the Activity: Flashcards section and the Activity: Write It section. If this is, in fact, in error, then for the sake of future students taking the course, I kindly bring this to your attention. 

"She graduated high school in 1999."
My translation: "...neunzehnhundert-neunundneunzig..."
Corrected translation by the program: "...neunzehnthundert-neunundneunzig..."
This appears in the Activity: Write It section (and perhaps elsewhere in the lesson, I don't recall). This, too, I believe requires a correction in the program.



I think you are right, and if you use My Vocab, you can find these typos in the main lessons too.


Hallo PaulS108 und sfpugh,

You are right, the correct translations should be:
"Am achtundzwanzigsten September neunzehnhundert-fünfundsiebzig haben wir zusammen gefeiert." - "September 28th, 1975 we celebrated together."
"Sie hat das Abitur im Jahr neunzehnhundert-neunundneunzig gemacht." - "She graduated high school in the year 1999."

Our apologies, I will pass this on to get fixed.


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