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Example of German genitive in lesson 12.7 incorrect?



In this lesson we have the sentence 

Sarah’s Hochzeitsanzeige wurde vor zwei Wochen veröffentlicht. which means

Sarah's wedding notice was published two weeks ago.

In English, of course the apostrophe + s denotes possession, but I thought that in the German genitive you just add (no apostrophe). Hence shouldn't it be 

Sarahs Hochzeitsanzeige…    ? 

Is there a different rule for proper nouns?




Hallo Peter--252,


Thank you very much for spotting this typo. You are right, it is meant to be “Sarahs Hochzeitsanzeige wurde vor zwei Wochen veröffentlicht.” I will pass this on to the German team to get corrected. Our apologies for the error. 


Viele Grüße,




Hallo Julia,

Vielen Dank!  

I should have guessed as I know that the German title of one of my favourite operas is Figaros Hochzeit (no apostrophe!).

(Le Nozze di Figaro, or The Marriage of Figaro, of course.)



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