hatte gern



Hallo .

Why is that we see 'hätte  gern ' and sometimes 'hätte  gerne ' ? What does the ending 'e' depend upon ? 
Because in the sentence -  Wir hätten gerne den Bericht über die Untersuchung. 
And Wir hätten gern drei Stück Käse kuchen.

Vielen Dank.


As far as I know both forms are correct, you can use either gern or gerne.

I found an explanation here:

Apparently the original middle german form was gerne  and gern is an example of how the final "e" can be dropped in the same way as the "e" can be dropped in Ich habe - Ich hab.


Hallo Vidya-manuS und sfpugh,

Gern and gerne have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably. People prefer one or the other based on how they sound in a sentence but there are also regional differences. Gern is also more informal - like in this example, where the sentence “Wir hätten gerne den Bericht über die Untersuchung.“ is more formal than saying “Wir hätten gern drei Stück Käsekuchen.“


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