Forum Rocket German German Grammar How do you say in German What can I do for you?

How do you say in German What can I do for you?


How do you say in German           What can I do for you?


Hi Hugo,

Formal: "Was kann ich für Sie tun?"

Informal: "Was kann ich für dich tun?"  (I think; perhaps Julia or Liss will correct me if wrong!)

It is covered in lesson 4.6, and appears in several conversations.


Hallo HugoM5 und Peter--252,

thank you for your help Peter--252, your answer is perfect!

Viele Grüße



danke Schon  Peter 252  .


You're welcome, and thanks for the confirmation Julia!

There are various alternatives as you will come across as you progress through the lessons:

"Wie kann ich (Ihnen) helfen?"   "How can I help (you)?" and others, which appear in lesson 9.5.

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