Lesson 4.4 Restaurant

Honest Tom S

Honest Tom S

In lesson 4.4. Restaurtrant; The question : Können Sie das Museum empfehlen?. my question is why is the direct object  Das Museum is use Instead of the indirect object Ein museum. Sounds silly to ask if one can recommed a Museum if only one exist.  



Hello Tommy,

It is true that this seems silly taken out of context. I really wish we had transcripts or an audio search to help explain.  Anyhow, in the audio for this lesson Nik is talking about asking people for their opinion about a specific hotel. That is the key for why she uses the direct object Das Museum instead of Ein.

She explains - go to position at 8:30 in the audio.

Link: http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/43

You can also use the phrase to ask if a museum is worth your time. For example, imagine you are in Kassel for one more day. You can't decide whether to go to the Brothers Grimm museum or not. You heard that it is definitely worth visiting. To make sure, simply ask the receptionist at your hotel. Try to say, "Can you recommend the museum?" Remember the word order is different in German. You should have said, "Können Sie das Museum empfehlen?".

Does that help you? You have to imagine that you are standing there with the receptionist and pointing to the photo in your brochure. Good luck!


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