Lesson 9.4




In lesson 9.4  Es ist ein großer schwarzer ​Koffer mit kleinen ​Rädern.

WhenI looked up in translator it was Die Rader (") Why Radern (")

I get the adjectives used, but not the plural of this noun





Hallo Maxie, 


thank you for your question! This is very similar to your question regarding Kindern in lesson 10.2. Rädern takes the dative case which is required by the preposition mit. Plural nouns in dative need an additional -n if they don't end in -s or -n, for example:


Er geht mit seinen Hunden spazieren. - He goes for a walk with his dogs.


Sie geht mit ihren zwei Babys spazieren. - She goes for a walk with her two babies. 


Viele Grüße, 



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