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Can someone please explain what the two words "noch' and "nach" really mean. I've looked them up in Google Translate and obviously found them in sentences in our program but I still don't get it. It seems to me that sometimes they are added and don't need to be in that particular sentence. I don't know. Please enlighten me!
I also have problems with "doch"


If you looked it up in Google, you know that nach means after although it can have other definitions as well.  Noch, means yet or still.

Doch is one of those words know as a flavoring particle and can have serveral usages.  One use is to soften a command or suggestion to make it seem less harsh.  Another use is as a contradiction as we might use 'no way' in English or in French 'au contraire' (on the contrary)


Thanks again Byron. Appreciate it


Nach is also used as 'to' as in going to Berlin.


Ja, das ist richtig! Yes I've seen a few examples lately

Danke Byron


Hi Byron and Grant,

"Noch" and "nach" are prepositions that sound similar but are not exchangeable. As a lot of prepositions in German they are flexible in their meaning, changing the emphasis of sentence  and can be used in conjunction, I can see how that can be confusing. 

"Nach" can mean "after":
"Nach dir bitte."= "After you please"
"Nach dem Urlaub is vor dem Urlaub"="After the holiday is before the holiday"
"Es ist fünf nach eins"= "It is 5 past 1"
"Nach" can mean "to"
"Ich will nach Hause"="I want to go home" literally: "I want to home"

"Noch" used as "yet":
"Ich will noch nicht nach Hause" = " I don't want to go home yet."
"Noch" used as "another"
"Geben Sie mir noch eine Stunde"="Give me another hour" (Polite formal form) Also in the meaning of "another" or "again" more often used as "nochmal".
"Geben Sie mir nochmal eine Stunde"

"Noch" is often used in conjunction with "immer"
"Ich warte immer noch"="I am still waiting"
"Immer noch falsch!"="Still wrong!"

"Ich will doch nicht nach Hause" = " I don't want to go home." (When changing your mind)
Use of "doch" in conjunction with "noch" as "still":
"Haben wir doch noch Glück gehabt"="We were still lucky"/ "We still had luck"

Viel spaß beim Lernen und einen schönen Tag noch...

Lieben Gruß



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