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Hallo .

I am just wondering why we aren't taught the German Nominativ , Accusativ , and Dativ right in the begining modules ? Or am i missing something ?
Vielen Danke!


Hallo Vidya-manuS!

Thank you for your question - it is indeed an important one. The answer is simply because they can be a bit overwhelming to tackle right at the start.

The concept and rules of different cases can pose a challenge for people who are unfamiliar with case languages; for this reason, cases have been introduced more gradually in Level 1. This gives new learners who are progressing through the course a chance to learn some key basic concepts and vocabulary before they get to cases, and then the chance to thoroughly cover the basic cases and understand how they work.

However, if you'd prefer to tackle the cases immediately, you don't have to follow the course in order - you can just jump to the lesson about the next case. The lesson titles are set up to make this easier: the ones on cases always start with "A Case in Point" and end in the name of the case.

In Level 1, the nominative case is formally introduced in Lesson 3.8 and the accusative is explained in Lesson 4.5. (These are the core cases used for creating most simple sentences.) Several important concepts using the dative are introduced in the latter half of the course (such as in Lesson 4.7 "To Like and To Love" and in Lesson 7.9 "Time Expressions: Present vs. Past"). Then, the dative is covered in full in Level 2, as is the genitive, since these cases are a bit more complex.

I hope that that is helpful. Do let me know if you have any other questions!

Viel Spaß,



Thank you for pointing me to the respective lessons in the modules. I am really intrigued by these cases.
Vielen Danke.



Bitte, Vidya-manuS! :) 

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