Opera or Oper?



Is this an error?  I see this English word "opera" translated in German as "opera" but it is pronounced as "oper"  I thought I saw in one place where it was spelled "oper" in German.


I think die Oper the normal word for opera in German. However my german friend says that people sometimes say Opera.
The Leo dictionary doesn't give Opera as an alternative to Oper, however the Langenscheidt dictionary does.
Duden does include Opera but comments that it is the Italian name for Oper.


Hallo David-P3 und sfpugh!

The spelling of "Opera" was indeed a typo: it should be Oper here to match the audio. As sfpugh's research indicates, Oper would be the preferred German term.

Thanks for pointing this out to us, and our apologies for the error! I have made sure that the lesson is updated. 



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