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Hello: in the grammar section 7.2, the table for __[color=darkblue:q1gu7nk8]euer[/color:q1gu7nk8]__ shows the Neuter nominative and accusative to be __[color=darkblue:q1gu7nk8]eures[/color:q1gu7nk8]__. Is this correct? It doesn't seem to follow the pattern of mein, dein, unser, etc, where the neuter nom. & acc are like the masculine nom. Is this just another quirk of the German language? :roll: Many thanks for help with this. Regards, Caroline


I've posted this same question myself twice, starting in March (see post called "Grammar Lesson 7.2") and received no reply either -- it's now September. I see your post is from May. I don't know why we can't get an answer, but I believe it is a mistake, since I've checked with two other textbooks and euer does follow the pattern of the other possessives -- "eures" is only for genitive case. I also notice that one of the example sentences shows "Das ist eurer Hotel" which I'm pretty sure should be "euer." I guess I'm just gonna go with the textbooks until I hear otherwise from Rocket German. Hopefully if it is an error they will want to correct it at some point.


seems there are plenty of us curious about the answer here, can anyone give a definitive answer? It would :) be appreciated. thanks!



Bringing up an old topic for two reasons.

1) The text doesn't work with the new forum (minor issue they can fix if they know about it). The :roll: no longer works and the color reference doesn't work either: [color=darkblue:q1gu7nk8]eures[/color:q1gu7nk8]

2) I would like an answer about this question also and a good reference for how to distinguish between:

dein - casual 

euer - formal

Here's the lesson link: http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/82#lessonquiz

In the quiz are two questions:

Fill in the gaps with the correct possessive adjective: Wie ist... Kurs (m)? (your/casual)

  •  ihr
  •  euren
  •  euer <= accepted answer  (but the question says casual)

Fill in the gaps with the correct possessive adjective: "Ich mag...Haus (n)" (your/casual)

  •  euer
  •  dein  <= accepted answer
  •  Ihr

Link to Karen's other question where she may have found an answer but there is no confirmation: http://members.rocketlanguages.com/members/forum/german-grammar/grammar-lesson-7-2-question

Here is the best possessive pronouns table I have found but it doesn't make the same distinction as Rocket Languages about ihr/Ihr.


Rocket Languages splits their dein/euer up into two separate pages.

  • dein - your - http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/81
  • euer - your - http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/82

Any tips/help with this question would be appreciated.

Please include references if possible.

Thank you,




Hi Jason,

Wie ist euer Kurs (m)? (your/casual)​ is correct. What is missing for clarification here is that your 'euer' serves mostly as plural casual form.

I am asking around in the forum: "Wie ist euer Deutsch?" 

I will let the customer support know to ad into the lesson that 'euer'=your can stand for formal and singular or informal and plural.



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