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I saw this sentence yesterday.
Aus wie vielen personnen besteht ihre Familie

Is there a specific reason why we are using “Aus” in this sentence and not “Von”. From what I understand, we use “Aus” in the following situations.

1. Used for something which is inside something and then coming out
Sie nimmt ihre Karte aus der Tasche
Auf diesem Grund kommt er heute nicht

2. Used when you are coming from a country or a city of origin
Ich komme aus Dänemark

3. When you are talking about what material something is from
Ein Haus von Holz

4. When something is done with a human emotion
Er hilft ihr aus Mitleid

5. Verbs that require the use of “Aus”

If it is because certain verbs require the use of “aus”. Then what verbs are they?


Hallo RexV,

Careful with the noun capitalization and spelling in this sentence: Aus wie vielen Personen besteht Ihre Familie? (if you're asking someone directly using Sie).

The word aus is used with bestehen when it means "to consist of" something. Dictionaries like Leo ( will often show you the different meanings a verb can have when it is used with different prepositions, plus the case that would follow after, so this can be a good place to look when you're trying to figure out why a certain preposition is being used with a certain verb.

As for a list of which verbs take the preposition aus, however, this is harder to answer. This is because many verbs, like bestehen, can take a few different prepositions, depending on the intended meaning - so a list of verbs that might take aus could really go on for quite some time!

The simplest thing to do might be to learn verbs with their prepositions as you come across them in context (so, thanks to this sentence, now you can note down bestehen + aus (dative) = "to consist of"), and then add to your list as you come across the same verb with other prepositions (e.g. you might later discover bestehen + auf (dative) = "to insist on").  Then you'll learn the verbs and prepositions more contextually.

I hope this has been helpful!

Bis bald,


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