The meaning of Glaube


Lesson 2.2 the word Glaube on google translate means believe. Believe is briefly mentioned as well in the lesson. So why not write: Ich glaube nicht as I don't believe instead of I don't think so? 


Ich glaube (from the verb glauben) tends mostly to be used for both I believe and I think but also has other meanings too. You could almost always use ich denke, from the verb denken, for both of these common meanings instead .

I find it a major problem with German that there seems to be a large number of words where the exact usage, and therefore the translation, depends upon the context. This context may be nigh on impossible for a foreigner to spot. Add in the way that words are used colloquially and it makes me wish that I'd taken up knitting instead of German! 


Also, don't assume that the translations are carefully crafted by native speakers.  There are any number of really sloppy translations many of which I've brought to the attention of RG over the years.


Thanks for your reply. I have recently made friends with a German. It seems just trying to copy phrases might be the way to go for a while, as the grammar rules have so many exceptions.



After many years of trying I have come to the conclusion that the whole German language is made up of exceptions bound together by incomprehensibly complicated rules.  Funnily enough that appears to be exactly how most German students regard the English language!

 I completely agree with Byron about the sloppy translations. In most cases they won't actually stop you being understood but they might hinder you becoming fluent.  

The key to learning any language is motivation because with that you can overcome all the hurdles that you will come across along the way.


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