Why is it Dem?


Hi just came across this sentence.

"Sind Sie mit dem Hotel zufrieden?" 

Why is it dem in stead of das? 


David K

Hallo asahimaytakahashi, 

Some German prepositions always take a particular case.  "Mit" turns out to always use the Dative case in this case which is "dem" instead of the accusative "das." 

In this case, dem Hotel is the indirect object which uses the Dative case.

If you google "German Dative Prepositions" you will find a complete list with examples and excercises.  There are other prepositions that always take the Accusative, or Possessive, and another list of some that use either the Dative or Accusative.

I have a table of all of these which I've taped to  my wall above the computer.  I've tried to  paste into this box for you but have been unsuccessful.  I need to look up the HTML 5 code for pasting images.

Viel Gluck,



David K

Hallo asahimaytakahashi,

Certain German prepositions always use a particular case. "Mit" always uses the Dative case.  If you google "German Dative Prepositions" you will find tables of all of them, as well as exercises and examples that will help.  



Thank you so much David K,
your explanation is really easy to understand and helpful :) 

David K

Thanks for your kind comment.   I've found several tables of German special case Prepositions for you, however, I have been unable to insert them into these comment boxes.  If you look up German Dative prepositions you will find an excellent and concise list of dative, accusative, genitive, and bi prepositions as well as a similar list of verbs that always take objects of a certain case.

Ich würde gerne jederzeit mit Ihnen in Deutsch in diesem Forum zu unterhalten . diese Foren für die Praxis Die Verwendung kann Spaß machen und lehrreich sein. Selbst wenn Sie nur für die Hilfe verwenden Google übersetzen, um zu beginnen.

Viel Glück bei der deutschen Studien.

I would be happy to converse with you in German in this forum at anytime.  Using these forums for practice can be fun and educational.  Even if you just use Google translate for help to get started.

Good luck with your German studies.

David K

Here's a small poem for remembering the German dative preps from How to remember the German dative prepositions on a comment board from Duolingo by  DariaTrehyMathes
"A friend of mine gave me this little clue, sing the following list to the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz. The list is arranged alphabetically.
aus, außer, bei, mit, nach seit, von zu
All of these prepositions are always followed by the dative case."

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