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why ist es instead of es ist


In lesson 2.1 Die Touristeninformation
​Why do we say  ist es instead of es ist. "Ja, aber heute ist es geschlossen" instead of "Ja, aber heute es ist geschlossen" 



That is a good point. I think it has to do with the position of the verb "ist". Check german stack exchange for definite answer.


  Hi there,

It's all about the time expression"today". "It is closed" ="Es ist geschlossen" but "Today it is closed"="Heute ist es geschlossen".  As the common word order in English and German is Subject-Verb-Object it can be confusing in German when time expressions and conjunctions like for example: als, währendwenn, bis,  daweilob, or dass come into play.




Hey thanks for that Paul. Ich habe auch davon gelernt. 
A bit off topic but remember reading a post/update somewhere that one was able to reply directly from their post.  I am not able to do this from my end


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