Wie schade!



Hello again, I hope I don't run out of postings. I ran into a limit the other day and it sort of bothers me, especially when I post on both French and German subjects. I don't so much mind the limit, but I mind not knowing the limit in real-time because the system only tells you after you hit the post button and it freezes what you have typed. Perhaps a counter can be added to the screen so that I know (before starting a post) that I am going to run out. That way I can make notes elsewhere and post the following day. Ok, so to the question... Phrase finder has something in lesson 7 that doesn't match lesson 5. I think schade cannot be capitalized because it is listed as an adjective in the dictionary: http://de.pons.com/%C3%BCbersetzung/deutsch-englisch/schade Here it should be "shade": D) Wie Schade E) What a shame 7.4 An Accident http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/55 These other two lessons support this: D) Och nee. Wie schade! E) Oh no. What a shame! 2.1 Tourist Info Center http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/32 D) Wie schade! E) What a shame! 5.1 Buying A Bottle Of Wine http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/44 Thanks so much for having a look at that. Would it be possible to add a link next to the words in phrase finder to report them as errors and to view if other students have already reported an error so I don't report something that's already correct? It could just show the change history for the phrase so that we know what other people have reported and we can then mark our problem (spelling, audio, and add a comment?). I'd rather learn from the mistakes of others than have to make them all myself. -Jason

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