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Wonach suchst du? vs. Was suchst du?




Two quick question:

What is the difference between using “aber” and “sondern”?
When should you say “Wonach suchst du?”  or “Was suchst du”?


Hallo RexV,

You can find the difference between aber and sondern in our forum thread from last week: If this is still unclear, let me know what part you're having trouble with and I'll try to help you sort it out!

As for Wonach suchst du? vs. Was suchst du? - both of these questions mean "What are you looking for?" The difference is more one of register. Was suchst du? is what you normally hear people say to each other in casual conversation, while Wonach suchst du? is far more rarely said. You would be more likely to come across it in a formal or written situation. So in general, you can always safely stick to Was suchst du!

I hope that this was helpful! Do let me know if you're still having problems with aber and sondern.

Bis bald,


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